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Before you read on, your very first step is to check your email to get your password(check your junk/spam just in case we land in there instead). Once you're in, simply press "MY AFFILIATE" to dive into your Partner Dashboard and you are ready to make magic!

We want to make sure your experience here is as beautiful as our Cacao and you feel SUPER supported with everything you need to know upfront (and anything you’re still not sure about simply message our Bliss Co-ordinator here and she will be more than happy to support you!)

To make this super easy for you, we have answered any questions we could think of that you may have AND if you have more please let our Bliss Coordinator know and she will be updating this page to help out our entire Bliss family!

Ok so, you’re in, you’ve seen your partner home (if not click here and simply login with your details in your email provided) now what?

As well as the questions below we have different beautiful graphic images inside your Affiliate center which you can use for your social media platforms and a fact sheet with all you need to know about Bliss Tonic Cacao to share with your loved ones and audience inside!

So what's next?

If you haven’t already looked around your partner home, we suggest you do so and see everything in there.
And then, the only thing left is really to share Bliss Tonic Cacao and Creative Activation Cards!

For quick reference, here's the Commission Tier Ranks available which you can receive once your achieve the total sales equivalent per month being a Bliss Partner.

Commission Tier Ranks

  1. Starter Rank: Earn 5% Commission as you achieve 177USD total product sales, equivalent to 3-5 items (before shipping), in that particular month
  2. Basic Rank: Earn 15% Commission as you achieve 236USD total product sales, equivalent to 4-6 items (before shipping), in that particular month
  3. Premium Rank: Earn 20% Commission as you achieve 295USD total product sales, equivalent to 5-7 items (before shipping), in that particular month
  4. Gold Rank: Earn 25% Commission as you achieve 590USD total product sales equivalent to 10-12 items (before shipping) in that particular month

If there is anything else you need or anything else you’re not sure of please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Bliss coordinator here.

Much love & cups of Bliss
The Bliss Team

Frequently Asked Questions

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